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Do I Need To Hire A Workers' Compensation Attorney?


Workers Compensation Attorneys
Workers’ compensation insurance companies have their own representatives and legal teams to support their side. It is strongly encouraged that you hire an experienced workers’ compensation attorney to help you navigate the complex system of workers’ compensation law. The workers’ compensation attorneys at Bellotti Law Group, P.C. have over 38 years of experience with workers’ compensation cases, and can help ensure you receive the benefits you deserve. Call 617-225-2100 for a free case evaluation today. 

Most legal fees are paid by the insurance company to the employee’s attorney. The only exception to this is in cases of lump sum settlements. If the liability case is accepted, the legal fee on a lump sum settlement is about 20% of the settlement. If the liability case is unacceptable, the legal fee is about 15% of the settlement amount. The judge of the case has final approval for all settlement amounts and legal fees. 

In other workers’ compensation cases that aren’t settlement cases, the legal fees are paid by the insurance company. The fees change depending on the amount of legal work needed and when the attorney completes their work. 

Attorneys whose work is completed before the claim reaches the conference level results in legal fees between around $550 - $1,500. This amount is paid by the insurer. If an injured employee’s attorney completes a full hearing for a case, legal fees can rise to over $5,400 dollars, which is also covered by the aforementioned insurance company. In the majority of claims, the out of pocket expenses by the attorney is also covered by the insurer. There are also specific fees that employees pay for initially that can be reimbursed by the insurer. Employees should always try to contact a lawyer for a free consultation in order to understand their options. Call 617-225-2100 for a free consultation at Bellotti Law Group, P.C. today. 

Determining When and Why You Need to Hire a Workers’ Compensation Attorney

Workers’ compensation is extremely helpful in providing compensation to injured employees. This compensation offers benefits for lost wages, medical expenses, and other benefits. Workers’ compensation ensures that employees will receive benefits in case of a workplace accident, and it also prevents lawsuits against employers in cases of a workplace injury. The workers’ compensation system is in place to help injured workers. In order to increase profits, insurance companies often try to pay less than the full amount, or not pay workers’ compensation benefits at all. Do not let insurance companies deny you the right to compensation. Call 617-225-2000 for a free case evaluation from Bellotti Law Group, P.C. 

In many situations involving a workplace accident, it can be hard to identify the cause of any work related injuries. They may also be diffing accusations on the injury that has occurred, such as whether or not the injury actually occurred during the course of one’s employment duties. A workers’ compensation attorney is vital to defend your side, gather proper evidence, and ensure you receive the compensation you deserve.

Common Reasons to Hire a Workers’ Compensation Attorney 

Depending on the workplace accident, it may be necessary to have experienced legal representation on your side to advocate on your behalf. Below are common reasons to hire a workers’ compensation attorney 

Pre-Existing Conditions 

If you were injured at work, but also have a pre-existing serious health condition, these health conditions can be used as a reason to deny your workers’ compensation claim. Insurance companies and employers will often cite your pre-existing condition as the cause of an injury, rather than the workplace accident. If you have a pre-existing condition, your workers’ compensation benefits have a higher chance of being denied or stopped altogether. Contact an attorney at 617-225-2100 for a free consultation and to get insights on your case. 

Employer Denial of Injury Occurring at Work 

Employers often try to insinuate that injuries did not occur at the workplace, or that they are not related to your work duties. In these instances, a workers’ compensation attorney will clearly establish that your injury is linked to your job. Experienced workers’ compensation attorneys can gather witness testimonies, medical documentation, and appeal your claim in cases of denied compensation. Without establishing a sufficient link between your job’s duties and your injury, your benefits are likely to be denied. 

The majority of employees whose workers’ compensation benefits are denied do not pursue their claims. Even though your benefits have been denied, or your benefits have been delayed, you can still appeal your claim. Workers’ compensation attorneys can guide you through the appeals process, file your claim properly, and secure any evidence needed to prove your case. Your attorney can also speak on your behalf, and use their expertise to help you receive the benefits you deserve. 

Your Benefits Aren’t Covering all Your Medical Bills and Lost Wages 

Workers’ compensation benefits are calculated by a variety of factors. This includes the amount of jobs you work, hours you work, your potential earning capacity, etc. Calculations can be incorrect, and may leave you with less compensation than you should be receiving. This is especially an issue in cases of medical bills that aren’t covered, and lost wages that you are not receiving. Contact an attorney at 617-225-2100 for a free case evaluation today. 

Serious Injury and Inability to Work For Long Period of Time

In cases of long term or permanent injuries, medical costs can be extremely high. Employers and insurance companies will try to reduce your benefits, in an effort to not pay for the high cost of medical treatment. This should not be the case. Your medical costs should be covered by the workers’ compensation insurance company. If you have been seriously injured at work, you need a workers’ compensation attorney to secure you the benefits you need.

A Third Party is Responsible for Your Injury 

Under workers’ compensation law, employees cannot sue employers in cases of workplace accidents or illnesses. However in some cases, a third party (other than your employer), may be held responsible for your injury. If defective machinery contributed to your injury, you may be able to sue the manufacturer of the defective machine. If you are working on someone else’ property and an accident occurs, the property owner may be held liable. Additionally, these types of civil claims often result in more compensation, as you can sue for economic and noneconomic damages. Economic damages would be medical costs, lost wages, lost earning capacity, etc. Noneconomic damages typically include compensation for pain and suffering. A workers’ compensation attorney can determine whether or not your situation is eligible for third party claims

Employer Retaliation 

Employers may react negatively to a workers’ compensation claim. If this is the case for you, speak with a workers’ compensation lawyer as soon as possible. Employers may reduce your working hours, terminate your employment, or harass you. These actions violate the law, and you should hire an attorney to protect your rights. Call 617-225-2100 for a free consultation with the workers’ compensation attorneys at Bellotti Law Group, P.C.

Contact an Attorney 

Workers' compensation benefits cover the cost medical treatment associated with the injuries, lost wages, vocational training and rehabilitation, death benefits for surviving family members, etc. Additionally, in some cases, an injured worker may be entitled to a workers' compensation settlement. This depends on the specifics of your case, so speak to an attorney to discuss your legal options. 

The workers’ compensation attorneys at Bellotti Law Group, P.C. will represent you and protect your interests. The lawyers at Bellotti Law Group, P.C. have over 38 years of experience, and experienced legal counsel greatly increases your chance at a successful claim. An attorney will make sure you receive the maximum amount of compensation available to you. Call 617-225-2100 for a free case evaluation today.


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