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Civil Litigation Our Boston civil litigation attorneys at the Bellotti Law Group, P.C. pride themselves on achieving successful outcomes through a simple, yet effective approach: a client-centered approach that focuses on our client’s objectives. The unfortunate reality is that at some point in life, everyone will experience dispute of some kind that has a very real potential to escalate quickly. Such disputes range anywhere from personal disputes to business disputes, to real estate disputes, and so much more. However, the most crucial factor in walking away from these disputes successfully, is to have a trusted, proven attorney on your side. Here, our honest and experienced Boston civil litigation attorney’s number one priority is always putting you and your family’s best interests first in the pursuit of justice. Our attorneys will evaluate your case, identify the key issues, and begin drafting a plan that is tailored to fit our client’s goals. This is the client-centered approach, this is the Bellotti Law Group, P.C.

Civil Litigation At some point, nearly all of us will experience a personal or business dispute. When these disputes escalate, resulting civil lawsuits can be costly, time-consuming and damaging to the reputation of both parties. At Bellotti Law Group, P.C., our civil litigation attorneys focus on resolving these cases quickly and efficiently, keeping our clients' best interests as the main priority. We swiftly identify the issues and immediately begin tailoring a unique plan to best achieve our clients' goals.

Our firm is recognized throughout Massachusetts as a pre-eminent civil litigation firm that provides top-quality counsel and representation to individuals and businesses. Our attorneys handle a wide array of civil matters, including:

Declaratory Judgments

A declaratory judgment often follows intricate, complex and technical litigation, where a court defines legal rights, duties and obligations between parties in a civil matter. We have obtained a number of declaratory judgments in our clients' favors, limiting (if not entirely eliminating) our clients' liability and financial responsibility in a wide range of matters.

Insurance policies and denials/limitations of coverage, in particular, are often at the center of a declaratory action due to their intricate nature and technical language regarding their scope, commencement, duration, geographic coverage, exclusions and other provisions that are in place to limit or void coverage in certain circumstances. Further, insurance providers' heavy reliance on representations of insureds often limits the rights, duties and obligations created under the insurance contract. Additionally, the facts surrounding a particular losses and the conduct of insureds before, during, and after a loss and subsequent claim often influence a court's decision.

No-Fault Litigation/Fraudulent Claims

One of the insurance industry's most costly and challenging issues is combating no-fault fraudulent claims. Our Boston civil litigation attorneys have met these challenges, and have defeated a wide array of fraudulent claims brought against insureds and insurance providers. We have successfully defeated a number of fraudulent bodily injury claims, fraudulent property claims, staged accidents, unreasonable and/or unnecessary medical treatment for alleged bodily injuries, and a wide array of other claims.

Insurance Coverage Litigation and Bad Faith Claims

We have amassed a record of success handling many different types of insurance coverage, including commercial and personal property, automobile, personal liability, umbrella coverage, commercial general liability, construction liability and others.

Insurance companies owe their insureds a duty of good faith and fair dealing, under each insurance contract. If this duty is breached, the insured policyholder may have an actionable claim against the insurance company. We have successfully handled a number of bad faith claims and employ cost-effective strategies to help insureds recover what they are contractually owed. Whether it is through skilled negotiation, alternative dispute resolution such as mediation or arbitration, or at trial, our skilled attorneys and resources allow us to handle the most complex insurance coverage cases.

Alternative Dispute Resolution (ADR)

In addition to employing skilled settlement negotiations and meticulously preparing to litigate in court, all the way to trial when necessary, our civil litigation attorneys are also actively engaged in various forms of alternative dispute resolution, when it will be in the best interests of our clients.

ADR can have a number of advantages for clients, including being cost-effective means to resolve civil claims, a method of exploring a variety of legal avenues available to the client, neutral evaluation of claims and other tangible benefits.

Other Areas of Civil Litigation

Our attorneys also handle matters involving:

Our vast experience, sharp legal acumen and history of successful case resolution are attributes clients can rely on in these and all other types of civil actions.

An Exemplary Reputation And A History Of Thousands Of Successful Outcomes

Our attorneys are widely acknowledged in the Massachusetts legal community for their success in court and for their aggressive, efficient and successful resolution of complex civil matters. Our reputation as a trusted resource has led to many other attorneys seeking advice from our firm when they face a complex or challenging legal issue. We have also successfully resolved numerous cases that have been rejected by multiple attorneys. For more than two decades, our detail-oriented approach to litigation has served clients well and led to thousands of successful results for our clients.

One Focus: The Client

At Bellotti Law Group, P.C., we are focused on one thing: the client. The interests of each client are paramount, and our attorneys use their experience and legal knowledge to tailor unique strategies to achieve each client's goals.

Our attorneys are zealous advocates who maneuver every case with the keen awareness of its potential advancement to trial. We take the time to conduct extensive investigations and aggressive pretrial discovery, leaving no stone unturned in the preparation of a case. We work under the anticipation that each case will be litigated, and have successfully argued before countless judges in courts throughout Massachusetts.

One Goal: A Successful Resolution Of Your Case

We are unyielding in our pursuit of one goal: maximizing our clients' interests and reaching a successful resolution to their cases. We have the experience to make critical decisions quickly to ensure that your rights are protected and your every available option is carefully considered.

Our attorneys also know that going to trial is not always in our clients' best interests. We use a wide variety of litigation tools in different forums to best suit your case, including negotiation, alternative dispute resolution (arbitration and mediation), bench trials and jury trials. We are often able to secure a favorable settlement for our clients without litigating, but are always scrupulously prepared to fight in court if the client's interests are not maximized. We are relentless in our pursuit of a favorable resolution, while minimizing the cost exposure of our clients.

At all stages of the litigation process, our attorneys keep clients informed, provide continual case evaluation and advise clients of their existing options. The attention and dedication given to every client is evident from the initial meeting until the matter is resolved.

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Could not have been happier with Attorney Peter Bellotti and everyone at Bellotti Law Group. I had a very difficult case, but Peter was relentless. He saved me and my family, big time, when the situation looked very bad. I was recommended to Peter and was told he was the best attorney in Boston and now I see why, 100%. Thank you Peter! John F.
I was referred to Attorney Bellotti by a friend who works at Harvard University. I was really nervous at the beginning of my case but Peter kept me calm and was very reassuring and even gave me his cell phone number to text or call him if I really needed to get in touch with him asap… My case went extremely well and my family and I could not have been more please. I highly recommend Attorney Peter Bellotti. Beth A.
Attorney Bellotti assisted me in a Magistrate matter in Palmer District Court. He was very professional, knowledgeable, had excellent communication skills, well prepared, and new how to handle the situation. I would highly recommend Attorney Bellotti for any litigation matters and he gets the job done. Arlon B.
When looking for an attorney I didn't think have to think twice about who to call to protect my future. Peter Bellotti's amazing reputation made it an easy decision for who to call. He went above and beyond in my case, returning phone calls promptly, answering all my questions to ease my mind, and being a very understanding caring person. Patrick
I was on a case with Peter that spanned over a year and a half. Peter was very accommodating and set early expectations which helped get through this time period. Peter's professionalism helped keep me calm during this full time period. It was a pleasure getting to know Peter and if I ever need another lawyer in and around Boston Peter would be my go to choice hands down. Kyle