Second-Offense OUI Charges in Massachusetts

Second-Offense OUI Charges

If you are charged with a second offense for operating under the influence (OUI) in Massachusetts, you may be aware that the laws have changed. The penalties are stiffer than ever. The prosecutor's burden of proof is less than ever before.

A prior OUI conviction or admission can come back to haunt you if you are arrested or charged again. When this happens, you can be charged with a second offense for operating under the influence of liquor or drugs. This comes with a whole new set of penalties, and leaves many people assuming that they will go to jail and lose their license for many years.

At Bellotti Law Group, our Massachusetts OUI lawyers are familiar with all the recent changes in the law, and still ready to do battle using the most recent and innovative challenges. We know the consequences of a second OUI conviction and we know how your rights must be protected when facing a charge -- like this one -- with enhanced penalties.

Know Your Options When You Face OUI Charges

If you are charged with an OUI 2nd, you likely have far more options than you think. While the charge can call for a minimum of 90 days in the House of Correction, there are alternatives to incarceration. Intensive treatment may be an option. In some cases, you can even obtain a so-called "work" license allowing you to drive after six months.

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I hired Peter as my attorney for a very complicated case involving misidentification for an A&B case. Peter set expectations from day one and stuck to his plan. The case ended up going to a jury trial. Peter was thoroughly prepared and was able to prove the misidentification and won the case with a not guilty verdict on all counts… I would highly recommend the Bellotti Law Group to anyone who needs a lawyer. Matt
Peter Bellotti is an outstanding lawyer. I am a professional who has never been in trouble with the law and I was arrested and charged under some very unfortunate circumstances. I was devastated and talked to numerous different high-rated criminal defense attorneys. Among them Peter Bellotti stood out, he seemed to genuinely care about my case and fully understand my concerns about my reputation… My case was dismissed and I would recommend him to anyone who needs top quality legal representation. Anonymous
I am an anxious person by nature and when I was arrested last year I thought that my life was over. The charges were very serious and I felt helpless, devastated and embarrassed…After explaining the circumstances that led to my arrest, Attorney Bellotti told me that "the charges, while serious, were defensible…” Peter was the 4th lawyer that I met with and I am so lucky to have had him on my side. I will always be grateful to Peter and I would highly, highly, highly recommend him to anyone looking for an intelligent, creative, determined and skilled attorney. Michael
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