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Drug Distribution

The Boston, Cambridge, & Quincy criminal defense attorneys at Bellotti Law Group, P.C. have successfully handled countless drug distribution charges over the years in multiple courts throughout the state. Massachusetts law often calls for mandatory sentencing, which is often harsh, and loss of license, depending on the circumstances of your case. Consequently, it is crucial to contact the experienced criminal defense lawyers at Bellotti Law Group, P.C. to begin tailoring a strong and focused defense, depending on the type of substance, amount, and the circumstances of your drug charge. Call an experienced and savvy criminal defense attorney at Bellotti Law Group, P.C. today to begin discussing your options at 617-225-2100.

Mandatory Sentencing And Loss Of License

Drug distribution charges can be very tricky, as they are often charged as felonies that come with mandatory jail sentences and driver's license loss. Don't face the legal system alone. You run the risk of indictment to superior court, where you face even longer sentences to the state prison, the Commonwealth's highest level of incarceration. The criminal defense attorneys at Bellotti Law Group, P.C. have successfully defended many drug distribution charges, in a wide range of situations. Our criminal defense lawyers know that use case is unique and a well-tailored defense must be crafted to give the best chance of success. We have handled every type of distribution case, ranging in drug type, amount, and circumstances.

School Zones And Parks

If you are convicted of distribution or intent to distribute within a school zone or park, you face a mandatory minimum sentence of two years. Even if the school had nothing to do with your case, you can still be convicted and sentenced.

Amount Of Controlled Substances

Large amounts of controlled substances, including prescription medications, can get you indicted where you can face felony conviction and minimum sentences of up to 10 years in prison and more. Moreover, you can be charged with possessing controlled substances with the intent to distribute, even if the police have no knowledge that you every actually distributed anything to anyone. Even if you are just present where illegal substances may have been sold, some charges allow you to still be convicted for the actions of others.

The criminal defense lawyers at Bellotti Law Group, P.C. will analyze your case immediately and begin working to resolve your case. Sometimes indictment can be prevented and charges can be reduced and/or dismissed. No matter the best approach is to resolve your particular case — a jury trial, motion to suppress evidence, or pre-trial resolution - your attorney should be prepared to advocate your case effectively before a judge or jury.

Our criminal attorneys are all skilled trial lawyers with great records of success. What's more, we know the court system just as well as they know the law itself. This familiarity allows us to work even more effectively, always to help you. Contact a lawyer at Bellotti Law Group, P.C. to discuss your options.

Client Reviews
I hired Peter as my attorney for a very complicated case involving misidentification for an A&B case. Peter set expectations from day one and stuck to his plan. The case ended up going to a jury trial. Peter was thoroughly prepared and was able to prove the misidentification and won the case with a not guilty verdict on all counts… I would highly recommend the Bellotti Law Group to anyone who needs a lawyer. Matt
Peter Bellotti is an outstanding lawyer. I am a professional who has never been in trouble with the law and I was arrested and charged under some very unfortunate circumstances. I was devastated and talked to numerous different high-rated criminal defense attorneys. Among them Peter Bellotti stood out, he seemed to genuinely care about my case and fully understand my concerns about my reputation… My case was dismissed and I would recommend him to anyone who needs top quality legal representation. Anonymous
I am an anxious person by nature and when I was arrested last year I thought that my life was over. The charges were very serious and I felt helpless, devastated and embarrassed…After explaining the circumstances that led to my arrest, Attorney Bellotti told me that "the charges, while serious, were defensible…” Peter was the 4th lawyer that I met with and I am so lucky to have had him on my side. I will always be grateful to Peter and I would highly, highly, highly recommend him to anyone looking for an intelligent, creative, determined and skilled attorney. Michael
Peter Bellotti successfully managed not one, but three complex legal situations for me. He combines superb legal insight and instincts with unrelenting energy and authentic compassion in the service of his clients. Finding him was was one of the most fortunate events of my life. Talk to him before deciding on an attorney. Anonymous