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Soft Tissue Injuries

Soft Tissue Injuries

"Soft tissue" can be defined as the bodily structures that surround, support, and connect bones. Namely, this includes muscles, tendons, and ligaments. Most times, when a soft tissue injury occurs, proper treatment and a relatively short rehabilitation period resolve any issues. Sometimes, though, soft tissue injuries become serious, debilitating, and linger many months or years. Some soft tissue injuries may even require surgery and in rare cases, can leave a victim permanently impaired.

The experienced Boston personal injury lawyers at Bellotti Law Group, P.C. understand the immense impact these injuries can have on your life. We have successfully helped hundreds of victims and their families recover the expensive medical bills, recoup lost wages, and receive full and fair compensation for their pain and suffering. If you or a loved one has been hurt in an accident, put our experience and skill to work for you. Call us today for a free consultation at 617-225-2100.

Car Accidents

Many soft tissue injuries are the result of a motor vehicle accident. Often, car crash victims absorb a great deal of force and are twisted and turned outside of their normal range of motion, spraining and straining their muscles and other tissues. One particularly common soft tissue injury is whiplash, which results in neck and back injuries, often following a rear-end collision.

Soft Tissue Injuries Often Linger

Soft tissue injuries, if treated properly and in a timely fashion, such as going to physical therapy or chiropractic treatment, often resolve in a relatively short period of time and have few lasting effects. Sometimes, however, soft-tissue injuries linger on and continue to affect your everyday life long after they were initially sustained. For example, following a car accident, a victim may develop a bulging disk, with chronic pain and limited mobility. Another example is radiculopathy, which causes pain, numbness, tingling, and other discomfort in victims' arms and legs. Other parts of the body, like shoulders, knees, etc. can sustain soft-tissue injuries. In short, seemingly minor injuries initially can develop into serious, debilitating, long-term injuries that affect your personal and work life. The most important thing to do following an injury is to receive a timely and proper diagnosis and begin appropriate treatment, even if an injury initially appears to be minor or manageable at home, because more serious, and even permanent disabilities can result down the road.

Proving Soft Tissue Injuries

A problem soft-tissue injuries often presents is difficulty proving them. Consequently, insurance companies often wrongly deny coverage. Even when soft-tissue injuries balloon into bigger problems, like herniated disk or torn meniscus, they often erroneously argue that they are not related to an accident or were preexisting conditions. In short, broken bones and other injuries are easy to see with medical imaging like x-rays or MRIs, soft-tissue injuries are not. That does not make them any less debilitating or make you any less deserving of proper coverage. The experienced and skilled Boston personal injury attorneys at Bellotti Law Group, P.C. deal with insurance companies on a daily basis. We know their arguments and tactics before they are even presented and know how to get you every dollar you deserve. We will amass the most meticulously prepared case possible on your behalf, including expert medical professionals to testify on your behalf, if necessary. Contact us today at 617-225-2100.

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I found this law firm by doing a Google search for personal injury. I spoke to them and they took my case, they were very attentive and accomadating. As my case was winding down there was constant communication I never felt that I had to call and check on anything. I had a wonderful experience. Charisse M.
I’ve known the attorneys at Bellotti Law Group for over 10 years… I have highly recommended them to family and friends for many years and everyone was exceptionally pleased with the firm… A few years ago, I was facing my own injury after a serious car accident on Route 495 in my SUV and didn’t hesitate to call attorney Peter Bellotti at Bellotti Law Group… The settlement was very substantial and my wife and I were very grateful we went with Bellotti Law Group. Charlie R.
We went to Bellotti Law for help with a car injury to a pedestrian in a hospital parking garage. Peter is very low-key and calm, but know well how the system works and got us an excellent settlement through persistence, and helping us to track the effects of the injury and its future potential effects. He made a very strong case, and held out for a great settlement… I highly recommend him for his calm persistence, intelligence and experience in personal injury cases. Paul F.
I just want to thank attorney Peter Bellotti. I was injured in a car accident in 2011 and really appreciate the care and attention he gave my case. I highly recommend anyone who has been injured to contact Peter at Bellotti Law Group. Honestly, the whole law firm goes above and beyond… You won’t be disappointed by calling Bellotti Law Group. Connie T.