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Navigating the aftermath of a nerve injury can be overwhelming, adding both physical and emotional pain to your life. Whether your injury resulted from a car accident, a medical procedure, or a workplace incident, it's critical to understand the impact it can have on your everyday living and your future. That's where a trusted legal advisor steps in. Engaging with a proficient personal injury attorney from the Bellotti Law Group, P.C., can provide you with the legal support needed to secure adequate compensation for your injuries. This article will provide an overview of nerve injuries, their implications, and why hiring a lawyer from our expert team is a smart step in the right direction towards a secure and comprehensive recovery.

Understanding the Variety of Nerve Damage

One of the first challenges in establishing nerve damage is acknowledging the myriad types that exist. If you have been injured in a car accident, you may be affected by any of these types, each of which presents different symptoms and calls for different treatments. Nerve damage can occur as a result of pressure, severing, or stretching. 

Classifications of Nerves 

Nerves intricately weave throughout our bodies in two primary systems: the central nervous system, composed of the brain and spinal cord, and the peripheral nervous system, including our limbs, torso, pelvis, and face. Despite their extensive distribution, nerves are incredibly tiny and delicate, unable to be seen with the unaided eye, making them highly susceptible to severe damage in an accident.

Nerves can be broadly classified into two types:

Sensory Nerves

Sensory nerves enable us to perceive various elements like textures, temperature, pressure, and moisture in our surroundings. Damage to these nerves can result in numbness while still maintaining control over the affected area. For instance, sensory nerve damage in your hand may render your fingers insensitive to touch, yet you might still be able to move them.

Motor Nerves

Motor nerves grant us the ability to manipulate distinct parts of our bodies, facilitating movements like arm motion, walking, bladder control, and even voluntary respiration. When these nerves are impaired, it could lead to paralysis or chronic pain during limb movement.

Every nerve cell comprises a protective outer layer and an inner structure that work cooperatively to relay signals to and from the brain and spinal cord. Damage to either component can cause symptoms such as numbness, a tingling sensation, a feeling of pins and needles, and even paralysis. The nature of the damaged nerve can significantly influence your treatment approach and the associated costs.

Nerve Damage

In an accident, nerves can be damaged in numerous ways: 

Severed Nerves

Often a consequence of deep lacerations, a nerve can be cut, causing damage to both the outer shell and inner structure. This disruption can impede the nerve's signal transmission and reception, resulting in paralysis. However, in some instances, only the outer shell might be damaged with the internal structure remaining intact, leading to numbness. These injuries usually necessitate surgical intervention and can result in permanent paralysis.

Compressed Nerves

Also known as pinched nerves, these result from excessive pressure on the nerve, primarily damaging the outer structure but potentially harming the internal structure if the pressure is extreme. This type of injury is common in crushing accidents, where broken bones and muscles interfere with the nerve's signal transmission capabilities.

Stretched Nerves

When a nerve is excessively stretched, the outer shell might sustain damage while the internal structure remains undamaged. This can lead to sensations like pins and needles or temporary paralysis due to the nerve's hampered signal transmission abilities. However, with appropriate treatment, such a nerve can fully recover without any long-term damage.

Deep Wound Injuries

Deep skin cuts, or lacerations, can cut through nerves, causing significant damage.

Whiplash Injuries

Sudden, forceful jerking of your head and neck, known as whiplash, can strain or constrict the nerves in the affected areas.

Identifying Signs of Nerve Damage

How can you ascertain if you've suffered nerve damage after an injury? The presence of the following symptoms could strongly indicate nerve damage:
  • Muscle pain or weakness.
  • Total or partial paralysis of fingers, toes, or limbs.
  • Involuntary muscle movements.
  • A sensation of pins and needles, numbness, or tingling in your skin or extremities.
  • Heightened skin sensitivity to temperature extremes, such as hot or cold.
If you're experiencing any of these symptoms, it's imperative to seek immediate medical attention to establish whether you have nerve damage. If you suspect or receive a diagnosis of nerve damage, promptly reaching out to a seasoned personal injury attorney, such as those at Bellotti Law Group, P.C., can help secure the compensation required to address your present and future medical needs.

Compensation for Pain and Suffering

In a personal injury case involving severe nerve damage, a jury may grant you financial compensation for your 'pain and suffering'. This form of damage is not limited to immediate physical discomfort but also seeks to compensate for the mental and emotional distress caused by serious physical injuries. Furthermore, you may receive financial compensation for a substantial decline in your quality of life due to your injury.

In Massachusetts, awards for pain and suffering can be substantial, particularly in cases where nerve damage has impaired the function of your organs or limbs. Living with such reduced capacity and associated disability can lead to serious psychological issues, including depression, for which you may also be awarded compensation. At Bellotti Law Group, P.C., we understand the profound impact of such injuries on your life, and we are committed to ensuring you receive the comprehensive compensation you deserve.

Remuneration for Pain and Suffering

In a severe nerve damage personal injury case, a jury may provide financial recompense for your 'pain and suffering'. These damages frequently extend beyond compensation for immediate physical discomfort, aiming to cover the mental and emotional turmoil stemming from severe physical injuries. You may also be granted financial compensation for the substantial degradation of your quality of life resulting from your injury.

In Massachusetts, the monetary compensation for pain and suffering can be considerable, especially when nerve damage has impaired your organs' or limbs' functionality. Living with such decreased capability and the associated disability can warrant compensation for severe psychological distress, including depression. At Bellotti Law Group, P.C., we understand the extensive impact of such conditions on your life and are committed to advocating for the full compensation you are entitled to.

Evaluating the Worth of a Nerve Injury Claim

Personal injury claims, such as those involving a fractured bone or a pinched nerve, are evaluated based on two categories of damages: economic and non-economic.

Economic Damages

These damages pertain to the financial costs associated with an injury. While the immediate thought goes to medical expenses, it also encompasses lost wages and lost career opportunities if your ability to work has been hampered due to paralysis or severe pain associated with certain tasks. By analyzing medical bills, invoices, receipts, previous pay stubs, and past tax returns, your attorney can accurately calculate your economic damages.

Non-economic Damages

These damages include personal costs incurred due to an injury, spanning from physical pain to emotional distress to loss of enjoyment of life. These costs don't carry a conventional monetary value but can be substantiated through testimonies from medical professionals, friends, and family, as well as by maintaining a daily log detailing how the injury has impacted you.

Nerve injury claims often encompass a blend of both these types of damages. On the one hand, you'll have the expenses associated with treating your injuries and settling your medical bills. However, your injuries may also bring along chronic pain and substantial emotional distress. There might be limitations to engaging in certain activities and hobbies due to the pain or disability caused by the injury, leading to a loss of enjoyment of life.

Contact An Attorney 

At Bellotti Law Group, P.C., we understand that every claim is unique, and we meticulously assess every aspect to ensure that the compensation you receive accurately reflects the true impact of the injury on your life. When facing the physical and emotional impact of nerve injuries, it's vital to have a skilled advocate on your side. Our personalized and comprehensive approach to handling personal injury cases ensures that every aspect of your situation is considered and accounted for. From your medical expenses to the toll on your mental wellbeing, we're here to ensure that your claim covers all bases. Don't let nerve damage define your future. Nerve damage can happen from a variety of causes, such as car accidents, defective products, etc. Reach out to us today and let our team provide the support and guidance you need on your road to recovery.


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