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When a medical professional makes an error, it is more than a violation of trust. It can leave the patient with serious and life-changing injuries or result in wrongful death.

Doctors make errors due to poor judgment, negligence, recklessness, failure to pay close attention or lack of training to perform a given procedure. They may provide an incorrect diagnosis, an inappropriate prescription or make a surgical mistake.

Medical errors are not limited to doctors. Nurses, medical students, surgeons, anesthesiologists, EMTs and paramedics can all make medical mistakes that have a long-lasting impact. Medical errors can occur in hospitals, physicians' offices, nursing homes and other medical settings.

Injuries caused by medical errors can be made worse the longer they go undetected. If you or a family member has been injured, contact an experienced Massachusetts medical malpractice lawyer at Bellotti Law Group, P.C. for a free legal evaluation. This is important because you may face a statute of limitation restriction how long you have to file a claim seeking compensation.

Our attorneys have over 20 years' experience serving Boston, Cambridge, Quincy and Massachusetts. Attorney Peter Bellotti has served on the state Medical Malpractice Tribunal, which screens medical malpractice lawsuits in Massachusetts to determine their merit in moving forward.

Bellotti Law Group, P.C. has developed an experienced network of legal and medical professionals to evaluate and investigate your claim. There are no attorneys' fees unless we obtain compensation on your behalf.

Contact our Boston medical malpractice lawyers today 617-225-2100. You can also contact us through our online form. We will respond promptly.

  • Failure to diagnose: When a doctor fails to diagnose cancer or other illnesses, a patient is forced to go without essential treatment, reducing the chances for a successful outcome. The result can range from increased time away from work to long-term disability and in the worst cases, wrongful death.
  • Surgical malpractice: Hospitals have an obligation to establish strong safety protocols and medical professionals must perform their work with care and focus. Accidents can happen when professionals do not utilize safety surgical checklists, are overscheduled or lack proper training.
  • Medication errors: Medication errors can occur when a physician prescribes the wrong medication, the pharmacy incorrectly fills a prescription or in a hospital or nursing home setting. Poor handwriting, paper record systems and not obtaining a patient's full medical history can contribute.
  • Erb's palsy, cerebral palsy and other birth injuries: When a fetus is in distress, medical professionals need to act promptly and appropriately to prevent injury. If medical professionals failed to monitor the fetus and respond to a dangerous situation, the resulting lack of oxygen or a difficult delivery can mean a lifetime of disability.
  • Obstetric injuries to the mother: Doctors and maternity health care professionals have an obligation to carefully monitor both mother and child for any problems during labor and post-birth.
  • Emergency room errors: Emergency rooms are supposed to be safe places for people in need to seek immediate medical care, but mistakes can be made there and can have life-changing consequences. Examples of emergency room malpractice can include misdiagnosis, mistreatment and failure to provide care in a timely manner. This can result from negligence, poor professional decisions as well as hospital conditions such as understaffing, overcrowding of patients, poor patient tracking procedures and unsanitary conditions.
  • EMT and paramedic malpractice: EMTs and paramedics are first on the scene for many medical emergencies. They have a responsibility to respond promptly, follow procedures, properly staff their vehicles and conduct themselves with professionalism.
  • Nursing home abuse: The elderly can become victims in nursing homes of negligent treatment, from overworked nurses and CNAs and facilities which fail to provide safe conditions. Nursing home malpractice can result in both emotional and physical injuries, including bedsores, malnutrition, dehydration and broken bones.
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If you have been injured and suspect a doctor or other healthcare professional committed a medical error, it is important to learn your rights as soon as possible. You may face a statute of limitation restricting how long you can file a claim seeking compensation. Contact an experienced Massachusetts medical malpractice lawyer at Bellotti Law Group, P.C. today at 617-225-2100. Our firm covers a variety of personal injury cases, such a slips and falls, car accidents, defective products, etc. You can also use our contact form. We will respond promptly.


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