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Escalator and elevator accidents are surprising common in Massachusetts and throughout the United States. In this U.S. there are 120 BILLION elevator riders, traveling on nearly 60,000 escalators annually. Sadly, serious personal injuries, and even fatalities, occur each year due to escalator and elevator accidents. In fact, according to the Consumer Product Safety Commission, elevator and escalator accidents cause 30 fatalities yearly and seriously injure many thousands more. Most elevator accidents are caused by falling elevators. However, passengers can get caught between closing doors, fall into open shafts, and sustain many other injuries. Escalator accidents also occur at an alarmingly high frequency, as the Consumer Product Safety Commission reports that 10,000 emergency room visits annually are caused by escalator accidents, including many children. 

If you have been injured or a loved one has been wrongfully killed due to an elevator or escalator accident, contact the experienced lawyers at Bellotti Law Group, P.C. for a free evaluation of your case. These cases are complicated and often require both documented evidence and expert witness testimony. The personal injury attorneys at Bellotti Law Group, P.C. can help you recover compensation in your personal injury claim. Our client’s needs are our top priority, and our experienced attorneys will help you prove your case. We have offices in Boston, Cambridge and Quincy, and we serve all of Massachusetts and Southern New England.

Who is Responsible in an Elevator or Escalator Accident? 

There are multiple parties that can be held responsible in the event an innocent person is injured or killed in an elevator or escalator accident. 

Elevator or Escalator Manufacturers 

When a manufacturer’s elevator or escalator accident malfunctions and causes someone harm, the manufacturer has breached their duty to ensure that their products are safe, and are accurately labeled with both warning signs and instructions. 

Maintenance and Repair Companies 

A building’s elevators and escalators are usually repaired and maintained by outside contractors. If the repair company acted carelessly and allowed unsafe conditions to cause harm to others, they could be held responsible for injuries or wrongful deaths. 

Property Owners 

The owner of a building is responsible for the safety of the elevators and escalators on their premises. These machines must be maintained and meet safety inspection standards. If the property failed to repair a damaged elevator or escalator, or maintain safe conditions, they are responsible for an innocent person’s injuries. 

What Compensation Can I Receive in the Event I have an injury from an Elevator or Escalator?
You are entitled to compensation for any medical expenses, future medical costs of the injury, lost income and wages, pain and suffering, mental distress, as well as compensation for any scarring or disfigurement that may have occurred. If you have been injured in an accident, speak to an experienced personal injury attorney to understand your options, and the amount of compensation you may be entitled to receive. Call 617-225-2100 for a free consultation today!

In order to receive compensation, you must prove that those who are at-fault had owed you a duty of care, and that they additionally violated that duty. You will also need to prove that those at-fault caused your injuries to occur. In some cases, an elevator/escalator accident can cause a wrongful death. In these situations, the family of the deceased can recover compensation from the parties responsible. 

These cases are complicated and often require both documented evidence and expert witness testimony. The attorneys at Bellotti Law Group, P.C. can help you recover compensation in your personal injury claim. Our client’s needs are our top priority, and our experienced attorneys will help you prove your case. Call 617-225-2100 for a free consultation today. 

Causes of Elevator/Escalator Accidents

Inaccurate maintenance and repairs of these machines can cause an accident. Improperly installing an elevator/escalator, damage to the electrical components, defective parts, allowing elevators to operate during repairs, and improperly training the operators can all cause accidents to occur. Additionally sudden stops, sudden acceleration, sudden reverse of direction, caught clothing or accessories in the elevator, broken steps, slippery floors, sharp edges, malfunctioning electrical circuits, and a malfunctioning emergency button can all cause injuries or fatalities to occur. 

Common Injuries of Elevator Escalator Accidents

These injuries are commonly broken bones, damage to muscles, damage to tendons, damage to ligaments, traumatic brain injuries, spinal cord injuries, and in some cases, amputation due to crushed limbs. Senior citizens and children are more likely to be injured in this kind of accident. These riders are more likely to risk a fall, or have their body stuck in parts of the machinery. Children in particular can get caught in escalator's moving components and may sustain severe injuries.

Crocs And Other Rubber/Pliable Shoes

Recently, Crocs shoes has made headlines after their company was sued for escalator injuries after their shoes became entangled. It should be noted, especially by children, that any soft, pliable shoe, along with dangling tags or untied laces, present and increased risk on elevators.

Elevator and escalator accidents often involve complex investigations. Our attorneys have enjoyed decades of success bringing personal injury and wrongful death claims on behalf of our clients. We will not settle for a dollar less than you deserve and will amass a team of medical experts and engineers, if necessary, to testify on your behalf. Contact the experienced Boston personal injury attorneys and Boston wrongful death attorneys at Bellotti Law Group, P.C. today at 617-225-2100 for a FREE consultation and evaluation of your case.


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