EMT & Paramedic Malpractice

EMT & Paramedic Malpractice

It is undeniable that first responders such as EMTs, paramedics, and ambulance personnel are critical to an injured person's recovery and sometimes, overall survival. Paramedics and EMTs are specially trained and owe a high standard of care when responding to emergency calls and caring for injured parties. When individuals have been injured further by the negligence of a paramedic or EMT, the person's well being and future recovery is greatly diminished.

Don't Be Mislead 

Paramedics and EMTs are medical professionals, like doctors and nurses, who share a duty of swift response and correctly diagnosed and treated symptoms. Further, first responders owe a duty of creating and maintaining accurate treatment records, which can play a pivotal role in your future recovery efforts.

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Paramedic/EMT Negligence Can Take Many Forms 

Unfortunately, there are numerous common instances of paramedic/EMT ambulance negligence. First responders, in short, are responsible for prompt and proper care until the ambulance arrives at the hospital. Common negligence includes, but are not limited to:

  • Improper equipment at the scene of the accident
  • Slow response time
  • Inaccurate or nonexistent record of treatment provided
  • Improperly maintained or defective ambulance equipment
  • Improperly used medical devices
  • Drug errors, including improper dose or wrong medicine
  • Lapsed or nonexistent paramedic certification
  • Understaffed response crews
  • Negligent ambulance driving transporting patient to hospital

Paramedics Must Have Up-To-Date Certification 

Paramedics and EMTS are medical professionals who must keep their skills sharp and up-to-date. To maintain proper certification, EMTs/paramedics must attend training programs given by the Massachusetts Office of Emergency Services. Otherwise, their certification will lapse and they will be negligent in their practice.


Pursuant to Massachusetts state law, claims cannot be advanced against negligent paramedics/EMTs individually. However, their employers can be held liable for their negligence under the theory of respondeat superior.

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Massachusetts Office of Emergency Services offers these training services for EMTs. EMTs are required to get recertified, and receive continuous training.  

First-responders and paramedics can be held liable for any malpractice. Paramedics receive specialized training in their profession and are expected to have a higher standard of care with their profession. 

An EMT can be held liable if there are any injuries that result from his lapse in reasonable care. The law prohibits individuals suing EMTs for malpractice. Injured people can sue the EMT’s employer. 

EMT and Paramedic Negligence Examples 

  • Not responding to urgent matters in a timely manner
  • Not remembering to bring required equipment to the scene, or a failure to access those materials in time 
  • Not being able to have the proper equipment in ambulances 
  • Not using medical devices properly 
  • Administering incorrect medicine or the incorrect quantity of medicine
  • Inability to receive or maintain the proper certifications required of paramedics and EMTs
  • Staff shortages of ambulances 
  • Unsafe driving 

EMT and Paramedic Training 

Massachusetts medical response professionals entail three kinds of training: EMT Basic, EMT Intermediate and Advanced Paramedic Training. Professionals can receive training accredited by the Massachusetts Office of Emergency Services. EMTS are required to have ongoing training, and to recertify. 

EMTs can be held liable for gross negligence and wanton misconduct. EMTs whose behavior contributes to the death of a patient would be responsible for negligence.  

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