Nursing Home Abuse

Nursing Home Abuse

As the population of the United States continues to age, especially those who are classified as baby boomers, more and more loved ones will be placed in the care of nursing homes. While these facilities are supposed to protect the health and well-being of their residents, too frequently situations involving nursing home abuse arise. According to recent congressional reports, approximately one-third of nursing homes have been cited for instances of nursing home neglect and abuse.

If you are concerned for the well-being of your loved ones, do not sit by until it is too late. Contact Bellotti Law Group, P.C., to arrange a consultation with our team of dedicated, client-focused advocates. Under the guidance of Peter Bellotti, a seasoned Massachusetts trial attorney with a long history of obtaining successful results, we have served the legal needs of injured clients for more than two decades.

During this time, we have developed the piercing investigation techniques and insightful courtroom strategies needed to ensure the protection of your loved one. If abuse is present, we seek the maximum compensation available under the law. This holds the offenders responsible, and shows nursing homes and health care providers that abuse will not be tolerated.

Signs Of Physical And Emotional Nursing Home Abuse

The National Center on Elder Abuse defines physical abuse as the use of physical force that results in injury, pain or bodily impairment. This type of abuse is frequently evidenced by:

  • Bedsores
  • Bruises
  • Broken bones
  • Open wounds
  • Untreated injuries
  • Rope marks and other signs of being restrained
  • Medication overdose
  • Sudden or unexplained sickness or weight loss

Emotional abuse can often be detected by family members when they notice that something is amiss. By enjoying the company of your elders throughout your life, nobody knows their personalities and tendencies better than you. You may notice that a loved one under the care of a nursing facility has become withdrawn, forlorn, depressed or fearful as a result of abuse.

Financial Abuse Of Elders

In addition to physical abuse, nursing facilities may financially abuse residents and their families by charging higher than appropriate rates and racking up fees for improper or non-existent services.

Sexual Abuse Of Nursing Home Residents

The most heinous and disturbing form of elder mistreatment is sexual abuse in nursing homes. The Boston nursing home abuse attorneys at Bellotti Law Group, P.C., know how to successfully deal with these situations and will work tirelessly and passionately to restore a sense of decency and comfort to victims and their families.

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